Enchanted Isles Novels

A Smuggler's Path

Book One–July 24, 2018

Canto was a land where magic thrived, but the devastating Feud War outlawed its use for centuries. Since the loss of magic, factions formed–those who want to suppress it, those who will stop at nothing to see it restored, and those who profit from it.

Inez Garza is a disinherited noble turned smuggler who uncovers a secret that will make her a target for the many factions in Canto. The only way to stay ahead of them all is to walk…A Smuggler’s Path.

A Nobles Path

Book Two–January 2020

Inez Garza profits from the illegal magic trade in Canto, but now she’s in danger of being traded as a magical commodity. Her new and erratic Powers are bringing unwanted attention to all of Canto. Unless she learns to control her magic, she risks exposing her treasonous abilities to the King’s Men, the military arm of the ruling class, and the hidden market, a place where any magic is sold to the highest bid. Her skills as a smuggler have kept her one step ahead, but it may be her ties to a certain King’s Man and prince that will shield her from what’s to come. Inez searches for other options, but perhaps the only thing to keep them all out of harm’s way is to walk…A Noble’s Path.

Book Three–A Rebel’s Path…coming 2022

An unruly mage from the past has returned to test the limits of Inez’s magic and terrorize Canto. (Check back for more and the cover reveal)!


Stone Watcher. The term holds no meaning for 30-year-old Cia, who thought a free vacation to Scotland would be the perfect escape from her troubles. She packed a bag for a quick adventure—and maybe a new romance—not knowing it would commit her to a life-long promise made centuries before her time.

The Cemetery Circle is a paranormal fantasy that begs the question, who would volunteer to live next to a graveyard? The answer is—no one.

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