Fourth Friday for Fantasy Foodies

Some people love to read about beautiful clothes. Some prefer detailed descriptions of an environment.

I love food. Food tells me more about a people (what’s available in the world they inhabit) and about a person (what comforts them when the world is upside down). I still remember reading about the feasts described in the Harry Potter books and the magical recipes that could alter moods in Like Water for Chocolate, a book of magical realism translated into dishes.

When I write a book, one of the elements I like to contemplate is, “What would my protagonist eat when they need comfort? When they have a moment to spend with friends? When they have to make do?

I want to share some of the recipes my characters crave depending on their moods and situations. And because I like alliterations almost as much as palindromes, I will share them on the fourth Friday of the month.

Fantasy Foodie Hangouts

restaurant at the end cover

Do you remember the first time you wanted to spend time in a place that didn’t exist? I do. I wanted to spend afternoons sampling confections in Willy Wonka’s Great Room. I imagined moving from section to section each day…

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Alice’s Adventures in Food Land

alice in wonderland drawing

I’ve always been fascinated by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It’s absurd in the best way, like a Douglas Adams book. My favorite part about it was the food. Food played such a huge role in the story. In my opinion,…

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