Praise for A Smuggler’s Path

“A delightfully creative adventure, A Smuggler’s Path stands alone in a very crowded fantasy genre, boasting a youthful, energetic spirit and a wonderful new world to explore for readers of fantasy. Cruz has a gift for quickly creating memorable characters, as well as threading fantastical elements and creative magic through seemingly ‘normal’ moments of narration, making this a comprehensive and immersive reading experience. A Smuggler’s Path is an entertaining read with a uniquely creative cast of characters, and a colorful world that readers will want to visit again.”Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★

“Cruz packs a lot of plot into her novel. For example, along with Inez’s noble lineage, she has a history with and lingering romantic interest in Zavier Cole, Canto’s prince whose brother and sister-in-law became king and queen. Multiple backstories, including Inez’s late duchess grandmother and The Enchanted Isles’ origin, provide a rich foundation for the present-day narrative. The author likewise employs myriad characters to further complicate the plot and give Inez reason to distrust nearly everyone. Cruz’s no-frills prose doesn’t stint on wit: Inez’s haunt is Froth, a tavernlike establishment that serves milk and optional syrups. An epic, rewarding tale sure to garner fans ready for sequels.”Kirkus Reviews

“The Smuggler’s Path is the young adult novel we’ve been waiting for, combining a lot of fantasy with a little mystery and a tad bit of romance.” —Megan Chapman at Reedsy Discovery


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