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If you’re lucky enough to have someone (hopefully many someones) take a chance on your book, maybe the luck will continue and you’ll get asked for an interview. As an indie writer, I know how important it is to support and be supported by the writing and reading communities.

In the future I want to interview other indies and get the word out about their books. Meet an Indie Author Mondays will post the first Monday of the month.

As this is the first time I’m doing this, I’ve decided to be the guinea pig. Here’s the first Meet an Indie Author, I.L. Cruz. Enjoy!

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First things first, what’s the name of your current book?

A Smuggler’s Path, the first of four in a fantasy series:

Inez Garza is a member of the ruling class of Canto, where magic is criminal. But she’s also a smuggler of magical contraband, secretly arming a seditious group determined to abolish the law. Her latest commission awakens her suppressed power, and uncovers a hidden destiny to restore magic to the Canti at any cost.

New ideas are always cropping up. Give me your best book title that doesn’t have a story.

Bowstrings on the Moon. Or maybe that’s a good title for an indie folk album

Words are kind of our thing. What’s your favorite word?

English: importune; Spanish: naufragar; Italian: nuottare

Some people need the light of day to function and others prefer the quiet of night. When do you write?

I get my best ideas in the morning and it’s when my mind is clearest.

Names really help set a mood. What’s your process for picking people and place names?

I usually have a name day and pull out a huge book of baby names along with half a dozen websites I love.

Even finishing a scene feels like a reason to throw a party. Have a favorite way to celebrate finishing a project?

I pick a movie I haven’t seen and promise it to myself when I’m done. But my all-time favorite is taking a trip.

We know writing is primarily a creative endeavor. Tell me something you never expected to get from writing.

People always talk about relaxing when the write, but I find myself getting energized when I’m in a writing jag.

Beta-readers are our first fans and critics. If you could pick any writer, past or present, to be your beta-reader, who would you pick?

Even though I mainly write fantasy, I would love to work with Jane Austen. Corny, I know, but she’s a masterclass in interpersonal relationships.

Tell the truth. How many notebooks and journals do you own?

Too many to count! They’re my kryptonite and I feel about stationary stores the way some people feel about pet adoption fairs. I want to bring all of them home!

Writers keep their eyes open for inspiration, which makes us notice a lot more than most. What random piece of everyday beauty do you love?

Doors. Doors have become so humdrum, so when I walk by a really gorgeous door I can’t help but stop. An interesting handle, nice ironwork, a good heavy doorknocker. Sometimes I take a picture.

As much as we love to write, some parts of being a writer can be a chore. What’s your most tempting distraction?

Binge-watching Brit-coms on Netflix and Amazon Prime. And naps. But to be fair, I get some of my best ideas while sleeping.

We indies need to stick together. Any indie writers on your radar right now?

The best advice I ever got about becoming an indie author came from another indie writer, Elizabeth Hunter, who wrote that the best promotion for a book is to write another book, and to keep writing well.

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