My Favorite Fantasy Foods

Maybe it’s the season, but at this time of year all I can think about is candy. The quick fix of sugar in vibrant colors or enrobed in chocolate is like a fantasy wrapped in cellophane.

So it is any wonder that my favorite fantasy food is the candy from Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory? Roald Dahl was a genius when it came to food. As a kid, I dreamed about running amok licking wallpaper (which someone should really work on), drinking Fizzy Lifting Drinks and wandering the lanes of the main hall dressed up like a Candy Land board (and just as tasty as I imagined).

Willy Wonka main hall

It got me thinking about all my favorite fantasy foods and the writers that create them. Here’s a list of other fantasy foodies who have inspired me not just to read their books, but also to try some of their delicious fantasy recipes.

Any writers inspired you to read and cook?


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