Listen to The Merry Writer Podcast episode 114. 

I. L. Cruz joins Ari to discuss how to approach writing fantasy and things to consider when building your fantastical worlds.

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Fairies with Dark Faces by I.L. Cruz

Guest interview with Ari Meghlen

Fourth Fridays of Fantasy Foodies

Alice’s Adventures in Food Land

alice in wonderland drawing

I’ve always been fascinated by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It’s absurd in the best way, like a Douglas Adams book. My favorite part about it was the food. Food played such a huge role in the story. In my opinion,…

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Fantasy Foodie Hangouts

restaurant at the end cover

Do you remember the first time you wanted to spend time in a place that didn’t exist? I do. I wanted to spend afternoons sampling confections in Willy Wonka’s Great Room. I imagined moving from section to section each day…

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The map of the Enchanted Isles

— created by cover artist Jack Baker

Map of the Enchanted Isles

Canto Capitol Map

— created by cover artist Jack Baker

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