A Smuggler’s Path

The Enchanted Isles Book 1

A smuggler hides powers in a land where magic is forbidden. But even her noble birth can’t stop the prophesy her magic portends.

Canto was a land where magic thrived, but the devastating Feud War outlawed its use for centuries. Since the loss of magic, factions formed–those who want to suppress it, those who will stop at nothing to see it restored, and those who profit from it.

Inez Garza is a disinherited noble-turned smuggler who uncovers a secret that will make her a target for the many factions in Canto. The only way to stay ahead of them all is to walk…A Smuggler’s Path.


An epic, rewarding tale sure to garner fans ready for sequels.

Cruz packs a lot of plot into her novel. For example, along with Inez’s noble lineage, she has a history with and lingering romantic interest in Zavier Cole, Canto’s prince whose brother and sister-in-law became king and queen. Multiple backstories, including Inez’s late duchess grandmother and The Enchanted Isles’ origin, provide a rich foundation for the present-day narrative. The author likewise employs myriad characters to further complicate the plot and give Inez reason to distrust nearly everyone. Cruz’s no-frills prose doesn’t stint on wit: Inez’s haunt is Froth, a tavernlike establishment that serves milk and optional syrups.

Kirkus Reviews

Fun fairy-tale based world with smugglers and magic

A Smuggler’s Path takes place in a Spanish-influenced world, with a Latina protagonist, on some magical islands inspired by fairy tales. There’s so much to love about that sentence. And yes, there’s a talking doggo.
I was pleasantly surprised that I was dragged right into the story and didn’t want to stop. The world is interesting, but full of danger. Magic isn’t something to be trifled with carelessly. The writing was lovely and easy to read. While I did notice a few typos or grammatical things, it was nothing that particularly tripped me up or affected the enjoyability.

Sammie B.

…this book is definitely a keeper

The Smuggler’s Path is the young adult fantasy we’ve all been waiting for. A lot of magic with a little mystery and romance mixed in…this book is definitely a keeper.

Reedsy Discovery
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