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A Noble’s Path blog tour is going well

Beneath A Thousand Skies


So, I’ve actually read a few books this week, so I thought I would share those smaller reviews here. Tomorrow, I am taking part in the Book Tour for ‘A Noble’s Path’ (The Enchanted Isles Book 2) by I.L.Cruz so watch out for that post.

Disclaimer: ‘All the books below except ‘A Smuggler’s Path’ were received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I also received ‘A Smuggler’s Path’ as part of the book tour for ‘A Noble’s Path’.’

Reviews & Ratings:

A Surprising Friendship – Andrew Wald and Tara. J. Hannon (Illustrator) [Deeper Well Publishing, 2020]

A Surprising FriendshupBeautifully illustrated, and the story was lovely and heartwarming too. While the main focus was on friendship, and diversity, it is also educational about wildlife habits.

***** 5/5 Stars
Available Here


Broken Genius – Drew Murray [Oceanview Publishing, June 2020]

Broken Genius
I really enjoyed the premise for the book, and I…

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