#Character Charades, A writer’s challenge by Rachel Farrimond

38 CharacterCharades

This challenge was posted by Rachel Farrimond on her blog. It sounded like fun (and an excellent way to procrastinate while “working” on my novella) and a great way to introduce my readers to my new project.

  1. Name the character you have found so difficult to write: My character is Conall Grant.
  2. Why was he so challenging: I tend to write stories from a female perspective and I had to look at a male perspective in terms of love. He’s so buttoned-up, but he has a romantic streak and believes in love at first sight and soulmates. It was maddening!
  3. Questions:

Book/Film/TV Show/Play: A paranormal romance WIP, The Cemetery Circle (due out mid-Oct.), is a novella about a woman who leaves her life and complications behind in the US and moves to Scotland only to discover she’s part of an ancient tradition of minding the dead.

The: Conall Grant is the love interest of protagonist, Altagracia “Cia” Flores. He is the solicitor handling her late grandmother’s estate.

Short Words: He’s a steady, buttoned-up character who believes in soulmates.

Sounds Like/Doesn’t Sound Like: He is a cross between Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice and Jaime Fraser from the Outlander series. Proper and passionate!

One Syllable: He has a strong attachment to his family.

Song: “Try not to get yourself killed.”

  1. Tag, you’re it! SpookyMrsGreen blogger, Catherine Green and Suzanne Rogerson, fantasy author.

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